Sujithra Raviselvam

Researcher. Designer. Observer.

Suji Raviselevam

About me

User interactions and the extremes of their experiences intrigue me. I started as a Biomedical Engineer and branched into a significantly broader realm of products, services, and systems design. As a result, my PhD research led to a framework for designing with extreme-user experiences. 


Over the past eight years, I have co-created and collaborated with industry partners, researchers, and end-users from domains like healthcare, cyber security, assistive technology, cognitive science, and general education. My expertise and interest are in transforming latent user needs into innovative design solutions that embrace inclusion. 


Honors & Awards

  • SUTD President’s Graduate Fellowship: Sept 2016- Sept 2021
  • Journal of Mechanical Design Editors’ Choice Award: ASME 2020
  • Teaching Assistant Excellence Award: SUTD Engineering Product Development 2019
  • Best Paper: ASME IDETC 2019
  • Student Delegate: University Scholars Leadership Symposium 2018
  • Best Poster: ICDC 2016
  • Finalist: Red Dot Design Awards 2015
  • Performance-Based Scholarship: SRM University Feb 2010



Incorporate the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) into design practices.

Contribute to building user-centric healthcare systems in developing nations.

Contribute to building an inclusive education sector that embraces design thinking skills.


Learn and appreciate as many languages as possible.

Dedicate time and effort to art.

Never stop learning. 

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